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Daminion has the secondary tag panel (Window > Tags #2) where you can display Folders and a tag like Keywords, Categories. So you can display these two panels side by side.


This is what I mean:




Similar behaviour to the Windows Explorer window: you can display the list of files with a vertical scroll bar (View>Details) or with a horizontal scroll bar (View>List). The latter is definitely smarter solution for wide windows and long lists.

-- M.

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This is almost the same as using the second tag panel.


Thanks for reply, Murat.


But let me put the problem in the descriptive way:


There are two tag panels in Daminion: Tags and Tags#2.

The Tags#2 panel contains Folder and Program info only so I do not consider it. It sits on the third monitor and works great.


The suggestion concerns the Tags panel that contains People, Categories, Keywords, Collections, etc.


My list of keywords/collections/categories is long enough to exceed the height of a standard monitor. When I assign tags I switch to "Assign Tags" mode and now the scrolling disaster begins - whatever I do I can display only one column of tags with 41 rows of text that scrolls vertically only.


And here's the clou of my idea - let's add an option to display the Tags (and possibly the Tags#2) panel in multi-column mode - like in my clumsy picture in the previous post. It can be 2 or more columns in one panel, depending of how many tags are defined. If the number of columns is too large, let them scroll horizontally. Thus the tags checkboxes will effectively use the monitor space - the panel will be able to contain several columns with automatically or manually set width.


(It is also possible that I overlooked a similar option that already exists.)


-- M.

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I like this idea to have a second panel row for very long lists.


One (already suggested) was to reduce a bit height of lines. Just few pixels less under and above item/line could may be display 50 or more lines rather than 41 in your example.

This not so good as your suggestion but an optimisation of "waste" of space.


Yep, I vote for this idea. :good:

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