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Re-sync files


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Hi folks,


I'm sorry if the item has been covered before, but I searched the forum and did not find an answer yet.

I upgraded tot daminion server by importing the .dmc file from the stand-alone version.

The import is now complete, but it wants to resync all 26.177 images again. Just before import I resynced them in the stand-alone version.My questions are:

- why the resyncing (again)?

- is there a way to reset the re-sync flag for these images in order to avoid this lengthy process to happen again?


Regards from Holland


Germ Wind

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Hi Folks!


I have an answer to my first question.

In my stand-alone database I had all files rated > 0.

In the server version 23729 images (but not all) were rated 0.

I think that explains the high number of files to be resynced.


As stated in my former post the stand-alone version wrote all annotations to the files.

When I open an image in the server version of which I know that the rating is 1 star and I right-click on the thumbnail and choose actions / read tags from file the rating is not restored.


Regards from Holland


Germ Wind

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