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[1426] Bug? with duplicates


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Tried with XLS and Unknown file formats but can't reproduce it.


- What Daminion version do you use?

- Is the problem there after invoking Item > Read Tags from File for 2 duplicate files?

- Does it possible to share with me 2 duplicate files (that are not duplicates) so we could investigate into this issue?

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Sorry for the late answer.

1. Daminion Server 4.5.1426 (and checked with 1441 also)

2. Read Tags didn't help

3. Not sure how to reproduce this. I've tried to create new catalog and add these files but the issue didn't appear. Then I've tried to remove the files from original catalog and rescan folder and they're no more in duplicates.

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Now it happened again. Absolutely different non-picture files shown as duplicates.

Reading tags and re-adding them didn't help.

Now I'm getting these files as duplicate every time. This only happens with files of 'Unknown' type (in my case swf and zip).

Daminion and Daminion Server 4.6.1478

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  • 8 months later...

I found the same issue in 1586 with

  • GPX files. Clearly, they don't contain any images and "empty = empty" so they appear as duplicates, just cluttering the view
  • Some .tif files, which is somewhat surprising for me. Normally I don't have TIFF, but these were result of some tests with a tool producing HDR. The surprising part is: They can very well be displayed in Picasa, but not in Daminion,

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