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Can server connect to multiple network shares at once?


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We're running Server on a Windows Server 2008 instance. The images are stored on a network share that is mapped as a drive on the server.


We need more space and want to know the best way to connect the additional space to the server.


We could mount the new space as a folder within the existing network share so that it would all appear to Daminion as one seamless space.


We're also wondering if it's possible to just map the new space to a different drive letter and have the Server be able to see both at once.


Is that possible? And what effect might that have on our shared catalogs? Would that just be 2 separate catalogs? Or something else?




Bobb Menk

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Yes. You can import files from multiple network to the same Daminion Server catalog. I don't recommend you to split your catalogs unless you have a reason for this, cause it is much easy to control and find files inside the same archive.


I assume that you plan to buy a new drive with higher capacity. In this case do you want to copy your old files to this new drive or want to keep both drives and import new files to this new drive?

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- Connect your second drive as a network share or mount it as a folder in your existing share.


- Then go to the Daminion Server administration panel and click on the Catalogs link


- Double click on your catalog name in the catalog list to see it's properties


- Specify a new drive path as a folder where your uploaded files will be stored.


After that all newly uploading files will be saved into your new drive while you have still an access to your old drive. That is.

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Thanks Murat!


We don't plan to kill off the old network drive, but continue running the two together within the existing catalog. Sounds like we might be best off in that case just mounting the new network drive as a folder within the existing one, rather than changing the properties of the existing catalog to point to a new path.



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Your old drive and all files there will be accessible after changing the "Folder to Store Uploaded Files". This is just a new path to store uploading files. But anyway both approaches should work.


The only suggestion please backup your catalog before doing any serious changes with your catalog

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