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Open photo's in Capture One


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Hi folks,


I recently switched from Photo Supreme to Daminion. At the moment I use a standard license.

Who could help me with a couple of questions?


Question 1:

When opening files into Capture One a series of commands is issued by Daminion in the form of for example:

"C:\Program Files\Phase One\Capture One 8\CaptureOne.exe" "E:\Foto's\2015\10\30\PA300033.ORF" and then

"C:\Program Files\Phase One\Capture One 8\CaptureOne.exe" "E:\Foto's\2015\11\12\PB120692.ORF" etc

Now Capture One (I use it in sessions mode) opens with all the pictures in the folder of the first command line, but does not show the photo of the second command line.

What I need is the following command:

"C:\Program Files\Phase One\Capture One 8\CaptureOne.exe" "E:\Foto's\2015\10\30\PA300033.ORF" "E:\Foto's\2015\11\12\PB120692.ORF"

This opens only the selected images I want to open in CO and none of the other images present in these folders. How can I achieve this? Perhaps a forth option is needed in the Add External Application dialog? Perhaps next to {Filename}, {FilenameWithoutExt}, {FileNameWithoutPath} an option {Filenames} could be added to achieve the requested effect? Or did I miss out on existing functionality?


Question 2:

Above a certain number of pictures sent to Capture One a dialog "This may take some time. are you sure (Y/N??" is presented. Can I suppress this?


Any help is welcome.


Regards from Holland


Germ Wind

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I got Daminion working with C1P to open only a single file using the settings shown in the atachment: multiple selections did not work. C1P remembers the last workspace used - browser, viewer, etc. and there is only the simgle image shown in the browser also.


If only a single {filename} is used the full folder is opened but I find C1P does not seem to always select the correct image for editing. Having both Daminion and C1P open and using the "open with" function within Daminion to browse and then open an image seems to work fine also. I now have two entries for open with C1P one for the full folder and one for a single image.


This seem to be very useful as Daminion now allows you to view images from several folders visible along with handy thing like flags for picking keepers for editing.


windows 7 BTW, NEF files .. and C1P is in session mode. I have not used C1P catalog as I have been using Daminion since 2012 and their compatibility using C1P sessions was one reason I went with C1P.



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Hi there,


...and thanks for your reply.

Supplying a double parameter opens only one file. I did not think of that! Thanks.

I also like the idea of working daminion and CO side by side.


On the other hand it would be quite useful to be able to open multiple images across sessions.

For instance: if I would like to pull 13 images of the last year to produce a wall-calendar (I actually do that!) it would be very handy to select the files in daminion, and then open them all at once in Capture One. Then I can work in batches: color correction, exposure adjustments, sharpening and exporting for all files in the batch at once.

What I found so far is that this is possible but only with multiple parameters of the subsequent images supplied in the command line as described in the OP. Of course there are limits to the size of the command line: in Win 10 64 bit the limit is 8192 characters.


I use Windows 10 64 bit and CO 8.3.4. I mainly shoot Olympus OM-D EM-1.


Regards from Holland


Germ Wind

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