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Color Labels doesn't embed in Images?


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Hi Murat and Team,


I have renamed the color labels to help me manage my collection. Here's a partial list (parenthesis explain the purpose of this tag - the parenthesis is not part of my renaming):


Red - Keep - Heirloom Quality (the best of my family photos)

Yellow - Keep - Scrapbook Quality (photos worthy of scrapbooks, slideshows, etc.)

Green - Keep - Uncommon/Rare (photos that aren't as good as Red/Yellow, but contain people/scenes that are unusual to my collection)


This has worked great - and it borders all my photos so I know what they are at a quick glance... But, I've had to install a new Daminion on a new computer - and while the images have come over with the appropriate "Color Label" - the color is lost.


All of these images, no matter what the tag says, they all have a GREY border. See below:




Can I somehow reset these to the proper color?





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