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Orientation tag incorrect (bug?)


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I've imported two vertically aligned images. One is a jpg from a phone and the other is a scanned tif. Both display correctly in Daminion and the Orientation property is correctly displayed as Vertical. However, when I view the metadata using Exiftool, both images have the Orientation set as Horizontal. Am I missing something?


I have attached the jpg:



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This are two different things. The exif:Orientation tag is an instruction for image viewers, describing how to correctly display the image. The value 1 (horizontal) simply tells that no rotation is needed. Change it, for instance, to 3 ( Rotate 180), and it will be displayed upside down.

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Thanks Jacal, but I'm still confused.


What tag are you describing? In the sample image there is no metadata (that I can see) to describe rotation - other than exif:Orientation.


On that basis, how is Daminion (correctly) determining the orientation? It clearly can't be from the Orientation flag and there is nothing else obvious in the image data. Perhaps it is dissecting the image dimensions.

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The exif tag has nothing to do with width/height in pixels, it simply means - in this case - "do not rotate". If you rotate an incorrectly displayed image in Daminion, it only corrects this tag, without changing the actual picture.


The Orientation catalogue tag in Daminion, on the other hand, is all about width/height proportion of the image, so you can easily select "panoramic" (width>height) oriented, "portrait" (upright) oriented, or square images.


I hope this makes some sense, have a nice day!

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