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Accelerated preview option


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If we turn on the accelerated preview option on our server side, do our existing images have to be re-imported to build those thumbnails? Or is there another way to get them created?


Also is there a good rule of thumb for estimating how much disk space they will take up on the server's local hard drive? (If that's where they get stored). We have hundreds of thousands of images on a networked storage device and would like to be able to estimate how much space that means on the server's hard disk.




Bobb Menk

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1. You need to rebuild your imported files manually (Item > Update Thumbnail). For newly importing files this will be done automatically.


2. This options works for large image formats only like TIFF, PSD, RAW and BMP. And in order speed up preview of these formats Daminion (when the Accelerate Preview option is turned On) creates full size JPEG preview files. The resulted JPEG preview size will be in 15-20 times smaller than the orinal file sizes.


So in order to determine the required disk space you can divide the overall disk space taken by these formats to 15 or 20.

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