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Creation Datetime lost after import


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I just realized a bad issue with Daminion 4.0 1259


When i import pictures using the "Upload files to the server" option, then the uploaded file looses its original create date. Instead the current date is set to the file (see screenshots).


So if i remember just the timeframe i made a photograph i will not be able to find it anyway.


Edit: In the previous version 4.0 - 1245 this issue seems to be even more confusing, since the create date was some random date? (see new screenshot)




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Hi GasEngine,


would you like to publish the metadata (Exif data) of the files here?


Regards, Uwe


I attached a screenshot of the EXIF-Data

I see now that the file does NOT have a shooting date.

I tried a different file now that HAS a shooting date, and then the creation date is set right.


Thanks for the hint :-)


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Hello GasEngine,


looks good. One has to check the metadata of the different file type, e.g. in Daminion "show all metadata". Not all imported files have Exif, IPTC etc. metadata or they are removed, e.g. PNG, BMP, TXT, ZIP... files. In this case Daminion uses e.g. the dates from the Windows file system to link them to the Creation DateTime.


Regards, Uwe

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