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I have showed our implementation of Daminion to our UK office (we're in Australia), and they are interested in using Daminion as well.


But since the business in the UK is very similar, and we could benefit from being able to access each other's content, we were wondering about the possibility of using Daminion in the cloud. Either it would be hosted here in Australia or on a cloud service. Does anyone have experience of doing this and do you have any recommendations of how we would go about it?





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There are several approaches that address your question:


1. Daminion Server can be hosted on a Windows based hosting and then your employers can access it by specifying your server's IP address.


2. You can establish a VPN connections between your offices.


There are different (software and hardware) ways to arrange this:



- Then you need to download and install Daminion Server on your main office where your documents are located


- After that install Daminion Client on a client computer (in this or remote office), launch it and go to the main menu:

File > Open Shared Catalog. Press the "Add Daminion Server" button and type in the IP address of a computer where Daminion Server was installed.

This IP will be different for computers in your main office and computers in other offices. Please consult with your system administrator.


- Repeat the above step on all other clients. Please note that you need to install Daminion Client once. All further client software updates will be automatic.


The above steps are enough to start working with Daminion Server accross multiple office locations, however you can drastically increase the

speed of viewing and accessing original images if you do the following:


- Replicate a folder in your server computer in your main office with server computers in other offices by Windows DFS:

(Distributed File System). The replicated folder MUST be store in the same location on all replicated computers.

This allows you to make copies of your file server content in all offices.


- Launch Daminion Client, connect to your Daminion Server as admin, and go to the main menu:

Catalog > Replication Settings and then check what group of user can take advantage of this option.


After that when a user from a remote computer double clicks on a photo in his Daminion Client he will open the local file instead of downloading it from another office.


3. Wait until our native cloud friendly soft will be ready (it is in the early development stage although)

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You tease... Can you share with us the features that might be coming with this cloud friendly solution? :-)

Hopefully something we can host ourselves too - some of us have too many files to have in a paid cloud.


3 major features in the early web-version are:

- Search

- View (thumbnails, large previews, image tags)

- Export

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