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Metro / Facebook Album Style Interface


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I am wondering whether it would make more sense to have a metro style interface where an admin can select the most important tags which would then appear on a users screen with a photo from the group... So similar to Facebook and Flickr, rather than having our novice users scroll through keyword and categorie heirarchies, they can easily see the most important information with a visual representation right in front of them.


Like this: https://www.flickr.com/photos/leesjewel/albums


It makes it a more visual process to get to the most important information as quickly as possible.



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Not exactly what I was originally invisiging when I started this thread - but still UI related. I really like this layout of photos. Has some respect for the crop which can be make or break when looking through photos in a multi-person organisation (ie, photos someone else took so you don't know what you are looking for). Thanks.

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