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"._00_" files


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We are using Daminion 3.3 (1070). We have the Preferences set to "Write tags into EXIF/IPTC/XMP". We are working with TIFF files.


We have noticed that when we edit the metadata for a file in Daminion, a secondary copy of the file is created with "._00_" appended to the end of the file name. When we save the new metadata edits, this temporary file does not go away. More importantly, the new metadata does not get embedded into the original file. It only gets embedded in this "._00_" file.


Although the new metadata shows up if viewed in the Daminion Properties pane, if you look at the original file's metadata via "Item->Actions->Show All Metadata" or view the file properties in another viewer (like IrfanView) the old metadata is still embedded in the original file, not the new metadata.


If we edit this same image metadata again, another copy of the file is created, this time with "._01_" appended to the end. Again, the edits are not saved to the original image file. We have one case where there are now 32 copies of the same file numbered "._00_" through "._31_". Each of the copies is the same size as the original, so basically this just multiplied our storage space requirement for that one image x32.All the copies also all have different metadata embedded in them based on changes that were made over time.


Please can you help us resolve this issue? Has this issue been identified previously and addressed in a more recent version?


Thank you,

Marisa Bruhns

Digital Preservation Archivist

MIT Lincoln Laboratory Archives

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This problem is related to the outdated Adobe XMP Toolkit library in Daminion 3.3. And it should be fixed in Daminion 3.7 or 4.0 versions.


We're testing 4.1.x right now and it appears to fix this issue for new records.


Is there a good way to write the metadata to those older records that had this problem as well? It appears like the metadata is in the database, just never got written to those files.




Bobb Menk

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