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Error creating indexed tag value


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When I log in with a new account set to "viewer", it errors and crashes with the following message:



************** Exception Text **************
System.IO.InvalidDataException: Error creating indexed tag value. Server returns id=:-1
  at PicaJet.Daminion.ClientCommon.CatalogMetadataManager.CreateIndexedTagValue(IIndexedTag indexedTag, IIndexedTagValue parentValue, IIndexedTagValue siblingValue, Object value, Boolean below, Boolean isGroup) in c:\DaminionAuto\Code\ClientCommon\Classes\CatalogMetadataManager.cs:line 1743
  at PicaJet.Daminion.ClientCommon.CatalogMetadataManager.CreateIndexedTagValue(IIndexedTag indexedTag, IIndexedTagValue parentValue, Object value) in c:\DaminionAuto\Code\ClientCommon\Classes\CatalogMetadataManager.cs:line 1710
  at PicaJet.Daminion.ClientCommon.CatalogViewPresenter.NavigatorOnOnChange(Object sender, EventArgs eventArgs) in c:\DaminionAuto\Code\ClientCommon\Presenters\CatalogViewPresenter.cs:line 239
  at System.EventHandler`1.Invoke(Object sender, TEventArgs e)
  at PicaJet.Daminion.ClientCommon.BookNavigator.DoChange() in c:\DaminionAuto\Code\ClientCommon\Classes\BookNavigator.cs:line 791
  at PicaJet.Daminion.ClientCommon.BookNavigator.SetNewActiveBook(Object sender, MainThreadJobEventArgs args) in c:\DaminionAuto\Code\ClientCommon\Classes\BookNavigator.cs:line 729
  at WinPicaJet.MainForm.DoMainThreadJobSync(Object sender, MainThreadJobDelegate job, MainThreadJobEventArgs args) in c:\DaminionAuto\Code\WinPicaJet\MainForm.cs:line 1676


Any ideas on how to fix this?

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Hello khodge,

this is a known bug: https://daminion.net/user-forum/index.php?/topic/2241-1130-exception-logon-user-role-viewer/

It's not yet fixed as written by Murat because of major adjustments in the new build which have to be tested by Daminion internally.

Regards, Uwe


Ah, I had searched briefly but I must have missed that. Thanks for letting me know!

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