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Two problems installing on Windows Server 2008 R2


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I'm trying to install server version on a Windows Server 2008 R2 box and I'm running into two problems, one with Postgresql the other with the Daminion service itself. I have full admin rights on theis box and am running the install with them.


The Postgresql installer invoked by the Daminion installer chokes when it gets to the "getlocales" step. Gives a "child killed. Unknown signal" error. (See attached screen snap).


If I ignore that error and continue on with the actual Daminion install, it looks like it is unable to install the Daminion service itself. Error is "Specified service does not exist as an installed service". I don't know if that's because of the failed Postgresql install or not, but it seems likely to still give trouble even after Postgresql is in place. (see 2nd attached screen snap).


Thanks for you help!


Bobb Menk

MIT Lincoln Laboratory Library



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Hi Bobb,


The second problem occurred is because of the first problem.


Did you try to install the Daminion Server on a clean PC? If yes, please try to do the following:

- Uninstall both PostgreSQL and Daminion Server

- Download the latest PostgreSQL version by this link according to your Windows version

- Install the PostgreSQL

- Download the latest Daminion Server 3.4 version and install it

- Launch the Daminion Server Admin panel and wait ~1 min until Daminion Server creates a shared catalog for you

- Launch the Daminion Client and try to open the Daminion Server catalog.



In case of any questions or problems with the above steps let's arrange a remote session.

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Manual download and install of PostgreSQl solved most of this. Daminion can talk to the database and it now exists as a service.


I have assigned "logon as a service" to the domain account I will be using to run this app, but that account cannot start the service unless the domain account is also a member of the local administrators group.


Is that true? Or is there some smaller subset of rights we could give it instead of full admin rights?




Bobb Menk

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The screen snap was from the Windows application log. This error was also displaying at the same time:


Error: The certificate 'CN=localhost, OU=Debug, O=daminion.net, S=Russia, C=RU' must have a private key that is capable of key exchange. The process must have access rights for the private key.


I am seeing the link in the Daminon Server Admin panel (see screen snap), but clicking it does nothing. The service starts ok, but the "grant certificate access..." message does not go away.


Sorry but per official policy, no outside remote access is permitted here, so we'll have to figure this out here in the forum I think.


Thanks for your help.


Bobb Menk

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