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1087 : Multiple criteria filter do not work with Saved Searches


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Try this in catalog Tag panel :

- Select some items in a folder (green dot)


If you want to add a search criteria, while 'Ctrl' key is pressed you can choose 'Video' in Media Format section. (Ok, now, two criteria are selected)


Now, if you want to add another search criteria from 'Saved Searches', even while 'Ctrl' key is pressed nothing is selected. ('No GPS Coordinates' for example)

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My workaround is to select the saved search first, and add more criterias in Advanced Search, it keeps the saved search settings.


But this is very slow and not too user-friendly solution so I requested in the past that we could use the saved searches in filters.

We can create a long filter manually with the long way, but not with the easy and fast way, I don't know why it's a restriction.

I understand there could be a case where a criteria is against another saved search's criteria, but I think there could be a simple rule so the last selected saved search overrides the previous in such cases.

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Thanks Mammut for the infos.

Works pretty well, I wanted to display all items with no GPS coordinates but with a Image Media Format.(No video)


Following Murat answer, Ok I understand that Saved search can not be combined with another search criteria. (May be because saved search are supposed to be users searches.)


But why to put inside this category (saved searches) some technical properties like Unsynch, with/without GPS, duplicates !!!


By this way you can use these technical properties in any other combine searches. (Except as Mammut described!!)


mmh! Seems it needs some improvements here ?

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