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Client crashes when selecting images


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However Daminion counted down like 24, 8, 1, 0 and started over with 24 again and this went on until I manually deleted the images from the catalog. I think it would be better if Daminion would stop the sync process once it finished *trying* to sync all images and raise an error dialog if there were errors.


Daminion now takes into account offline files. For example, you can unplug a remote drive, and assign a few tags to the offline images (from the remote drive). Then plug the drive again and your changes will be applied to the file metadata (or by another words will be synced)


You can locate the offline files by a new tag: Un-synced in the Saved Searches.

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I dont want to be a quibbler but there is a difference between:


1. Not (anymore) existant images

2. Offline images on a removable drive

3. Unsynced images


#1 should be reported to the user as this normally results from a problem and requires interaction from the user.

#2 can be silently synced on the next occasion when the drive is connected.


So Daminion should be able to distinguish between both cases and act accordingly.


#3 Unsynced images however can also result from a stopped (or disabled) sync process and not necessary result from #1 or #2 which are only a subset.


Maybe it would be a good idea to have a dedicated "saved search" for #1 which collects images that Daminion detected as "deleted from the filesystem on an available drive". So the user can access those and decide how to deal with them.


In either case Daminion should not loop over the unsynced images if they are not available anyway.


Btw. another suggestion is to move the predefined saved searches (last import, yesterday, unsynced etc.) into a dedicated category (eg. system) and leave the saved searches for user defines.

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