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Importing Files and EXIF data not fully imported


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I have started trialing Daminion Server and have been adding files. So far things have been going great.


There are a couple of problems I have noticed.


First, I typically use exiftool to add the following data to our pictures:







This morning, I added some files from 2012 and noticed that not all data was added correctly. By that, I mean that on the left-hand side of Dominion under Place, it picked up the country, for example Belgium, but not the city. If I click on the pictures thumbnail, then on the right-hand side of Daminion, I see both the Country and the City. Why is Dominion not adding the city under the country?




The second thing I have noticed is that I only seem to be able to update 10-15 pictures at a time. For example, if I am editing Places, if I select too many pictures, I see this:




If I select a smaller number, I see this:




Hope that makes sense.



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