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Tag Groups


Sometimes it makes sense to put a long list of unsorted tags into a group – especially read-only tags like media format and camera model.


Tag Groups allow you to reduce the number of visible tags, making it easier to navigate through the tag tree. You can select the “Images” tag group to find JPEGs, TIFFs, PNGs and other images – you don’t have to check each of them individually.




Media format groups are created for all newly imported files. Formats that are not included in certain groups can be moved to groups manually in the tag tree.


Camera models will now be grouped by camera manufacturer. This will, however, only work for newly imported items. All previously imported models have to be arranged manually or via the “Item> Actions > Read Tags from File” command.


Some facts about Tag groups:

  • Tag Groups are not saved into image metadata during tag synchronization.
  • Only root level groups can be created
  • Groups can not be created for the following tags: Folders, Creation DateTime, Place, Flag, Color Label, Rating.

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Thanks, that's great. Very useful for file types and camera makes.


I have some top level report photos that I would like to group into financial years and quarters.



Australia/Melbourne/Report FY14

New Zealand/Auckland/Report FY14


I was hoping that I could make the two 'Report FY14' to be part of a tag group. But otherwise I can just search for them.


Love this feature, thanks!

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