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Rename - file already exists


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sometimes I have to synchronize photos from different cameras made on the same day.

One camera is the master regarding the date and time.

In Daminion I use the "Open with..." function (ExifTool, in this case a time shift of 3min 28sec) to adjust the "DateTimeOriginal" Tag (sometimes additionally other DateTime Tags).


Then "Read Tags from File" and "Batch Rename(Move)...

But sometimes it happens that a file that should to be renamed already exists. This can be true or true only for the moment of this renaming procedure. See Screenshot:


In this case the file: 20140607_113603.JPG has to be renamed to 20140607_113931.JPG. But this file exists already and has to be renamed in the next step to 20140607_114259.JPG. Now it is possible to rename the first file when you try it once more.

Is it possible to solve this problem in Daminion?

Now I have to do it manually: remember all files with this conflict and repeat the rename step by step for each single item which had this problem. If nothing helps, I adjust the DateTimeOriginal by x-seconds.

In the Import function the problem is solved by appended "(n)".

Regards, Uwe

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There is solution to rename files two times.


At first - rename using the template like this: %date_%time_%$$$$.%ext This renaming will append a counter to the end of files.

At second - rename using the template like this: %date_%time.%ext


Hope this helps.


Also you may sort files by the Creation Date Time DESC and try to rename with the second template.

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I have to come back to this topic with build 1128.

If there are 2 files taken at the same time the rename doesn't work like the import. The Import adds "(n)" to the file name but the rename doesn't.

Please implement the same functionality used in the Import in the Rename.

The solution suggested by Alexey works only when there are no "real duplicates" - photos taken at the same time.


Regards, Uwe

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