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Add Files Button Freezes Software


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Windows 8.1 / Daminion 3.3 Build 1037


See screenshot video and attached image file.


Screenshot Video: http://screencast.com/t/vWlmnWwX


I can add files using the File | Add Files (Ctrl+I) but if I attempt to do the same with the Add File Button, Daminion locks up. I have also tried waiting a long time to see if some type of background processing was going on but Daminion never unfreezes.


The button "highlight" color changes to a dark color but then nothing else happens.


This problem existed for me on a previous build (a build or two back) but I left for vacation before having a chance to report the problem.


This problem does NOT occur on a Windows 7 PC that I also use to access my net catalog.


So we're dead in the water with my Windows 8.1 PC which had been successfully running Daminion for months. No other changes have been made to it.


Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.



Chattanooga, TN


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This button also displays external devices, like Cameras and Smartphones.


Could you please unplug all external cameras (scanners) and press this button again.


Let me know if this helps.


Hi Murat,


Unfortunately, there are NO external devices attached to the USB ports and I do not have a firewire or any other type of port.


Just as an odd thought, is it possible that it NEEDS an external device to be plugged in? I think I might have had my new camera plugged in before I left for vacation and also had Daminion running at the same time? So could it be looking for a now "missing" external device...if so I would think that the software would just time out on its search and resume normal operation.



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