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1006 - Publishing Service - German Telekom Mediencenter


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here are the actions I made and the results:


1. create the Publishing Service Tag - with convert to JPG 2000x2000 and keep original if convert not possible

2. select 2 PSD files and assign to the Publishing Service of the "Telekom - Mediencenter"

3. only one PSD file is converted to JPG and synchronized to the Cloud Service of the "Mediencenter" but in Daminion both file are assigned to the Publishing Service

4. I remove the Publishing Service Tag from both items and deleted all files from the local folder on disc of the Publishing Service

5. assign the same two PSD files to the Publishing Service Tag

6. only one PSD file appears in the local folder on disc and is synchronized to the cloud but it is not converted to JPG. It is the original PSD file.

7. It seems to be a problem with media formats different from JPG. I made the same with 4 JPG files - no problem - they are in the cloud. Then I add 3 DNG files. Only the first is converted to JPG and appears in the cloud.


I made a video of the last activities (topic 7). I'll send it to you.


Regards, Uwe


PS: I assign the same JPG and DNG items additionally to a Publishing Service Tag connected to Dropbox. Now all files are synchronized to the "Mediencenter" and converted to JPG. And additionally in the Dropbox.

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