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Delete items from database


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Hi Murat,


I have a stupid question, but for me it is important. How can I remove one (or more) items from the database? I have looked for something like delete or remove from database but I cannot find it. I do not want to remove the file from my harddist (only from Daminion.

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Hi Matcho,


Any questions are welcome!


To remove item(s) from a database (catalog) select the item(s) and press Del key. Then click on the "Remove from Catalog" button. This action will just removed the item(s) from the database and leave the original file(s) on a disk.




If you wish to move the file(s) to Recycled Bin check the appropriate option.



An extra button (Remove) will be added to the above dialog when you'll pressed the Del key, and at the same moment some Tag(s) will be checked on the Catalog Panel.




Press "Remove" button to quickly remove the checked tag(s) from the selected item(s). No item(s) will be removed from the catalog.


And the third option here is pressing Shift + Del key combination.




Press "Delete" button to removed the selected item(s) from a catalog and delete the original files from a disk.


Hope this helps.

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Thank you for your expanation. It works well.


However, I deleted a number of mp3 files. In the tag of these files were a cover of the album that was shown in Daminion as it should be. But after deleting the files from Daminion I found out that the album covers were still in the database with a very long filename and a file extention "dat". Should these files also be removed, I think so. If not, the database would not get smaller while deleting items from the database. They are in the folder called "Thumbs`

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Yes, you are right - due to the performance reasons when you delete a file, Daminion only marks the file as deleted, but doesn't actually remove it from the catalog (and it's thumbnail from the ~Thumbs folder). We'll implemented a feature named "Optimize Catalog" or "Compress Catalog" that will remove all 'dead' links very soon.

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