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  1. Matcho

    Sort by

    As sorting is not possible any more now, the application cannot be used normally. Can you please provide us with a link to a previous version of the Standalone version (when sorting was still working), so people can use Daminion again, and wait for the version where this is repaired?
  2. Daria, thank you for changing the file. Now everybody can download and install the correct new version.
  3. Hi Daria, it was not my question that I could not find de download location. This was already very clear for me. But the file that you can download from this location now is the wrong one. It should be version nr 2010, but you have put there version 1997 (september version). So please make it possible for everybody to download the correct file. Best regards
  4. I received an email, telling me that there was (after five months) a new version 6.2. I checked the download page and see that the new version is dated Nov. 5, 2019. However the new downloaded version is dated Sep. 30, 2019. Can you please give us the latest version as published on your website.
  5. Matcho

    Download hidden

    Sometimes I mention the "Daminion" website to friends, when they ask me for an application like Daminion. I use Daminion for a while now, and I think it is the top. But people let me know afterwards, that they could not find any possibility for downloading the application. Is there a reason that there is no "Download" button on the home page of Daminion? I see download buttons on all home pages on the internet. I think that when people can find your application easier (with a direct download link on your home page), you would get a lot more downloads of Daminion. But now it is hard to find. You have to click on <Tour> than <What is new> and than <installation packages can be found here>.
  6. An example video file is in your mailbox.
  7. I am a user of the Standalone application (version 1660). When I import a number of video files in Daminion, the field "genre" of the movies is empty. However when I check the video files separately, you can see the genre in the properties of the files. Why does Daminion not pick up this field? Please advise how to handle this.
  8. Do you have any idea, when this feature will be implemented?
  9. When I import avi files into Dominion, it automatically makes thumbnails from random frames of the movie. How can I change this into a jpg picture I chosse myself. Even better would be the possiblity to import my movies and it automatically puts my disired picture as a thumbnail for each movie. Ofcourse I must make the filenames of the avi and the jpg the same before the import. In this way I can show the thumbnails as the original movie poster.
  10. When I load some movies in Daminion, it makes its own thumbnails from the movies automatically. But I like to make my own thumbnails. I already tried to replace the *.dat file with my own jpg file and renamed it to *.dat. But this does not work. I also made it the same size as the original dat file and also this does not work. Is there another way to make your own thumbnails for movies? And also it would be a good idea to put all thumbnails together in one folder. Now every thumbnail is stored in a different folder, so the database is full of folders with only one thumbnail stored in it and the correct one is hard to find.. Or is this not possible?
  11. Thank you for your expanation. It works well. However, I deleted a number of mp3 files. In the tag of these files were a cover of the album that was shown in Daminion as it should be. But after deleting the files from Daminion I found out that the album covers were still in the database with a very long filename and a file extention "dat". Should these files also be removed, I think so. If not, the database would not get smaller while deleting items from the database. They are in the folder called "Thumbs`
  12. Hi Murat, I have a stupid question, but for me it is important. How can I remove one (or more) items from the database? I have looked for something like delete or remove from database but I cannot find it. I do not want to remove the file from my harddist (only from Daminion.
  13. Matcho

    MP3 Albums

    I have loaded a few music albums (mp3) that I keep on my HD, where is each album in a different folder. After I added my MP3 files in Daminion, they show each MP3 file seperately, so for every album I see about 10 or 15 identical album covers. Every cover representing an MP3 File. Is there a way to show only one cover for one album and I can sort them on the "Album Artist" tag. That way I can scroll through my music albums instead of many separate MP3 files.
  14. Matcho

    Sorting files

    Hi Murat, Thank you for your answer. I would like to say that your Daminion application could be a big one in the world of Media Management applications. I have tried many before, but this is the first one I have a very good feeling about. When I try the application in the next weeks and I find errors or things that I whish should be there, what is the best way to let you know about it. Use the "ask a question" module or open a topic in this forum for every subject.
  15. Matcho

    Sorting files

    When I sort my files on the filename it works. But when I startup the application again later, my files are not sorted any more. Is there a way I can save my sort preference?
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