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1005 - Open with... media players


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to play more than one piece of music I've added the players Winamp, foobar2000 and VLC to the "Open with..." action. Typically I use Winamp but to test this issue I assigned the other players.


E.g. I've selected 4 mp3 or FLAC items in the Thumbnail Window. The sort is by Track number.

See the post regarding the problem with sort by track numbers: https://daminion.net/user-forum/index.php?/topic/1399-889-format-of-the-audio-tag-track/page__p__5536__hl__track__fromsearch__1#entry5536



The problem is: the first music item is not assigned to the player and doesn't appear in the playlist of the player. Only 3 items are in the playlist of the player.

The other issue is: the items are not in the same sort order in the player as they are sorted in the Thumbnail Window.



all items are in the player and sorted as they are in Daminion.



all items are in the player but not in the same sort order as they are in Daminion.


I don't know whereof the sort depends on. Is the depending on Daminion or on the player.


Regards, Uwe


PS. The other way is to create a playlist (m3u), add the media type "m3u" to the import filter and open this playlist by double click in Daminion. No problems with the sort and all items are played.

But I don't want to create a playlist because then I'm not flexible.

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