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EXIF:Artist not imported from raw files


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For some reason Daminion seems to ignore the -exif:Artist tag when reading data from raw files – I have tested CR2 and NEF. It does import -exif:Copyright though, and it imports both tags from jpeg files.


When set to write to raw files, when I set (another) author in Daminion, it then overwrites the original author. Am I missing something?


I'm using build 994, but all my raw files, imported by older versions, are also missing information about the author.


EDIT: It seems that "Read tags from file" in 994 deletes existing authors from database for raw images. Can anyone reproduce this?

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I see the same behaviour in build 995. Not only it doesn't import exif:artist from CR2 files, when rereading the file it removes existing authors from database.


EDIT: Found version 988 installed on my virtual XP machine. No such problems in this build, so it is probably a quite new glitch.

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I promise I won't mention this again, but in 1009 it is still here and perhaps should be taken care of before 3.2 is ready.


A programme of this kind probably should not miss such a basic tag, and many cameras can be - and are - set to write the "artist's" name in every photo.



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