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[944] how to find pictures by a category


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Hey Community,

I ran into a little problem.


Earlier my Collection structrue looked like this:

-Photoarchiv Family S

-regular shots

-hdr shots

-panoramic shots



this got pretty messed up, since I created more and more so I decided to do it like this:


-Photoarchiv Family S






every sub category got subtag again


I created the structure and moved them into the subcategories, but now I have the problem, that some pictures have the following assignments



When I do the following search



I get shown all pictures who are in this collection, but how can I get rid of the "Photoarchiv..." entry and only have the subcategory shown?



thanks René!

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Yeah, i never understood why there is not every possible option in the combo box of the Advanced Search window.


If you select the tag on the Catalog Tags tab with the Alt key, then after that look at the Advanced Search, there is the "not equals" option selected, but you can't select it any other way.


And if you select a parent tag on the Catalog Tags tab, the "matches exactly with sub-tags" option is there in the combo box, but you can't use it any other way.


For your problem needed these 2 options, but you can't select both of them on the Catalog Tags tab, and you can't select them in the Advanced Search window. But logically you should.


I think it would be a lot better if every possible option would be there in that combo box all the time. So we could build correct filters in that window only from scratch. But I think I requested this already.


edit: (Maybe there could be a NOT button with the combo box, that way it only needs to contain: matches, exactly matces with sub-tags, equals, contains, starts with, ends with, is empty, etc. in the combo box, and we can use the NOT button with it, that way there wouldn't be too many elements of the combo box, if that's the problem.)

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