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944 - XMP sidecare file ignored/Rescan folders doesn't remove not existing files


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0. there are the folders "Foto" and its subfolders "2013_10", "2013_11" and "2013_12" on the laptop.

The files of the subfolders are in the local catalog on the laptop.


1. I've deleted the subfolders from disc (Total Commander) because these local files are not up to date (metadata and some are already outsorted because of quality etc.)

2. I've copied (Total Commander) the folders "2013_10", "2013_11" and "2013_12" from the NAS (managed by the shared catalog) to the laptop.

3.I've imported the files of these folders by "Rescan Folder - F6) to the local catalog on the laptop. I went this way because the subfolders are alredady there in the local catalog (see above 0.)

The result:

3.1. The "Rescan Folders" doesn't remove the "old items" from the local catalog - the items are still there and "offline" in the catalog

3.2. The existing XMP sidecar files of the MOV-items are ignored (the relevant flags are selected in the Preferences) and so I get wrong metadata (DateTime Creation) in the Properties Panel and a wrong sorted view in the Thumbnail Window. - I don't have this problem with the same files in the shared catalog.


Regards, Uwe

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