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[965] feature request - improvement of the custom tag


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Hey Murat,

I got another feature improvemt suggestion for the Custom Tag:



I would like to link the custom tag "Cars" to a location on the picture.


I created a Custom Tag called "cars", it looks like this:



--1956 Chevrolet

--1958 Chevrolet

---1958 Chevrolet Convertable

---1958 Chevrolet Sedan


So no, I would like to link the car on the picture and save it to that custom sub tag. If I use the comment-tag it is pretty hard to write all the descriptions down, like blue one on the left, black roof, etc


this would be usefull for the people's tag as well, like in Picasa.


tanke my example picture:





regards René!

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Hey Mammut,

possibly don't remember this topic of yours anymore.


but basicaly I want to mark certain points in the picture and link them with a custom tag or the peoples tag like Facebook and Picasa are doing it for the face location


Well, it was your topic. :)


An annotation system would link any tag (custom or not) with a marker on the image.

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