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feature request - Bookarchive and Disccatalog


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So we could catalog all of our images on all of the external hdds without copying all of them to the main hdds? Like the offline mode in other softwares?

Then +1, but I'm sure someone already requested it a long time ago.

And it's already there in some minimal way, at least if we move or delete some files we can continue working with preview images. But there are missing features like we can't set the quality of those preview images. It needs a few improvements, that's sure.

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Hey Mammut,

I ment no pictures but Books and Discs


oh, i see

i'm using calibre for books, there are hierarchical tags, etc. and there are too much book related comfort features, like it can create automatically a real page number file when i copy books to my kindle, etc., i hate that kindle location number, it totally kills the "book feeling" :D


but of course Daminion is a dam, so it needs to manage books, too, but I think such comfort features are in the very far future :)

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