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feature request - Tag Manager / Editor


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Hey Murat and Community,

I just had the idea to insert a Tag Manager or Tag Editor in the Daminion Client.


Like we already requested to see logs in the client (only admin users) I think a Tag Manager would make managing the catalog much easier.



Under "Catalog" we could include open to lunch the "Tag Editor/Manager"


It would be much easier to insert tags there via Copy and Paste.


Why not using the tree structure or the import function?


well only going with the tree structure Daminion is always starting to show me all attached files (the number) which means it takes some time. this way this wouldn't be loaded.


import feature is very unstable, and if I could simple open the tag manager and click on categories I could import those new tags from the file and copy and paste them into this very section.



regards René!

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