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Filemetadata and xmp sidecars


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Hey Murat,

I guess you said once, that when some information can`t simply not be included into the file metadata, now my question:


Is it somehow possible, that Daminion uses both?




Place Information into metadata and xmp sidecars (like in the other topics those custom place tags could be stored within the xmp file and the rest additionally in the metadata as well.


hirachial tags: When I create hirachial tags in Daminion those will only be stored in xmp sidecars, isn`t it possible, that when I configure it that way, that Daminion stores the actual hirachial tag in the database and the xmp file. In addition to that Daminion stores those tags in the image metadata, but without the hirachial order. When reentering daminion can read it from the xmp tag and since those tags are already entered daminon could say this tag in the second order on this first tree etc.



Why do I want to have this ability? I want to be able to find pictures in windows as well, so in the windows explorer.



thanks rene!

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