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Feature request - Drop to Searched folder result


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Here is the best way I have found to manage my pictures with Daminion :

- Import pictures from memory card to my USB key into a folder called : / ... / "To Do"

- from this "To Do" folder I attribute some keywords, ...

- then try to find the right folder (if it exist) among my 250 folders in 3 levels and drop some items in it.


Sometimes it's not easy to find quickly the right folder because I have to browse them and remember the hierarchical folder tree.


One thing which will give much more power to Daminion and improve this way to work is to be able to drag and drop some items into search results folder from catalog tag.


Here is a screen copy to illustrate.



Yep, definitely, this feature will give much more power when sorting images among of large folder and sub folder number.



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Feature added in build 949. :yahoo:

This is one of the best new feature added to Daminion, this will give a very efficient workflow with Daminion.


Yes, absolutely terrific.


Many thanks to Daminion team.


NB : When you drag and drop thumbnails to another folder, thumbnail view is not updated when filter has more than one condition.

This has already been discussed here :


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