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[911] Feature Request - Exchange tif files with jpg files and jpg with cr2 files


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Hey folks,

I got another feature request.


Since I have a lot of tif files from Photomatix, I want Daminion to convert them to jpg in order to save disc space. I could do it manualy with irfanview but than I would need to do every folder for myself. If Daminion would do that (not automaticly but on request) it would save me a lot of time and Daminion could automaticly replace the created jpg files with the tif files in the database.



Furthermore, I used to have the raw files (mrw and cr2) in a seperate folder and additionaly I converted them to jpg in order to combine them with the compact cameras.

So if Daminion could make a search for duplicate files (cr2 and jpg from the same camera) and replace the jpgs with the tif files.




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