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Time frames: Adding to Catalog/Updating


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How long should it take when creating a catalog from scratch and adding ~300K files containing jpeg, avi, mpeg, raw, mp4.


I have created various sub folders prior to adding to the catalog.


I am still experimenting with the standalone version


Also, when I update the sub folders (say about 200 pics at a time) and rescan the main folder. How long should this roughly take?


My catalog is touching 550MB and is stored on a SSD whereas the actual data is on 7200rpm HDD.

So far, it has taken over 30 hours and still going :(


Kind regards,

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What about rescanning the folder after updates? Does it again take the same duration?

I've not measured it exactly but I think, it takes the same amount of time, if Daminion has to reread files, which have been changed outside Daminion or to store changes into files (DNGs, NEFs, ...)

Working with XMP sidecar files should be faster, but I didn't try it ...


Any adjustments that can be made for faster load times/rescans?

I don't know any except fast processors & hard drives & memory ...


But Daminion is not the slowest application here, other programs I've tried need more time for scanning or storing tags ... it's the mass of images we handle, which kills performance :(




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With 30+ sub folders, I would have keep track of which ones were updated and rescan only those. Not ideal, might have to consider the server version.


Is the server version any faster and does the software use all cpu cores and available ram?


As for cataloging, is it better to use sub folders+keywords or just dump all files in a single folder and use only keywords?


Kind regards,

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