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[genral] Client limitations for server users and a small feature request


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Hey Murat,

just a short question and a small feature request.


Since I will be moving back to China in a few weeks I want to take my whole Database with me. I figure, I will copy them to an external drive and than use the Standalone Version on my Laptop. I guess you once said, that the Client limitations will not in effect for the Server users. So can I somehow simply import my licence into the Client Version and than have no limitations?


And the feature request:


When I'm tagging some of the pictures there it would be great, as long as that are pictures that are on my Server at home, to export the tags with respect to the file and dolfer name, like google picasa stores the pictures faces etc in an extra file. Daminion could create one file with only the information (no pathes, since the pathes will be different on the server compared to my laptop). I could than simply send my parents an email with this file and he or me via remote could import it like with the tag file. That would make it much faster to transport the tags, since the files are already on the Server.


Thanks, René!

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