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[902] feature request - folders for some users


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Hey Murat,

yet another feature request.


It would be awesome If as the admin could allow users to see folder that I prior assigned to them.


an example.


today I have windows shares.

My father, mother, sister and me have a folder for our own and some folders that we all have access too, like Pictures.


the pictures share is not in use anymore, since I have Daminion. It's not working with the Videos, since I havn't understood the video share thing by now.


So I would like to set e.g. the picture, videos, house documents and his files to bee seen only by him.

the same for my mother but for her, her files but not my fathers, etc.


for me, the admin I wanna see everything


it would be awesome to have switches by whom I could devide the catalog into different tags likes eBooks, Pictures, Videos, Housedocuments, private files.




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