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Photo Ninja RAW Converter Conflict


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I'm trying to use the Photo Ninja plug-in (v1.2.0) for Photoshop (CS5) as my RAW converter instead of ACR. When I am in Daminion (build 879) and try to open a file with Photoshop, I get the Photo Ninja RAW converter instead of ACR just as I should. However, when I try and save the file to Photoshop, I get a Photo Ninja error message saying that the Update of XMP failed because the file is open in another process. If I close Daminion before I try to save to Photoshop from Photo Ninja, then I do not get this error message. I don't understand enough technical stuff to know the issue here. I merely want to open a file from Daminion, do the RAW conversion from the Photo Ninja plugin and edit that image in Photoshop (without using an intermediate TIFF file.) ACR works fine like this but Photo Ninja doesn't . Is this something Daminion can fix or is it a Photo Ninja issue? See attached screen grab. Thanks.


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Unfortunately I can't reproduce this issue. Could you please check this video and let me know what am I doing differently than you?


<*Snip embedded media*>

Thank you for the work you have put into this. The problem on my end is that when I try and do the "Save setting to XML" step in the Photo Ninja plugin I get the error. I've uploaded a screen capture video showing the issue. It is here:




As you can see in the video, I'm using PS CS 5 x64 v12.0.4; Daminion build 879, Photo Ninja x64 v1.2.0. I couldn't tell what versions you were using. I don't know if that makes a difference. At 0:13 of my video, you can also see that the only programs running in the foreground were Daminion, Photoshop and CamStudio. The image file was not open in any other program.


Any ideas? Thanks again for your help. Mardon

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I've tried to open my DNG images without using Daminion, via Photoshop > File > Open and received the same error message when tried to save settings to xmp.


The second experiment: I've selected DNG image within Daminion and invoke PhotoNinja directly, without using Photoshop.

And now I was able to save settings to xmp from NoiseNinja.


So the problem might be due to the PhotoNinja Photoshop plugin.

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