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Open With and Find Missing Files


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I notice that the menu selections “Item/Open With”, and “Item/Check Out & Edit With” currently have predefined selections when one photo is selected. For multiple photos there is a second "user defined" list.


There are three issues here:

-1- The predefined list does not appear to be user editable. While a program like Firefox may be registered in Windows for JPEG files, the chances of my wanting to use Firefox to open an image from Daminion are not high. Most of us have our favourites when it comes to Viewers or Editors, the rest are clutter.


-2- Are there plans to pre-populate the list for multiple selections? If so, would it continue to be an editable list?


-3- When I add an entry for the multiple selections list, but have only one photo selected, the program appears twice ie: my entry appears "above the line", and the program also appears in the predefined list "Below the line".


Having the lists pre-populated is convenient. It saves me the time which would be required to define each of them, but this only has to be done once, and that convenience should not come at the expense of losing the ability to edit/remove entries.


I would strongly suggest that there be only one list; independent of the number of photos selected, and it should be fully user editable. Whether its pre-defined or not is unimportant.



When do you expect the “Catalog/Find Missing Files” feature to be implemented?

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Maybe it is a good compromise to have a submenu for the predefines? So by default there are the user defined applications and one line "System" (or whatever) and when you hover over that entry the other (predefined) applications show up.


I can confirm that there is no "predefined" list for multiple selections but I can edit the entry and don't have it show up twice. The behaviour is correct and it shows only once in the "user defines" whether I select one or multiple images.

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I'm not sure if we are getting the same results or not.


In the pre-defined list which shows up only with one photo selected, Irfanview is listed. If I want to use Irfanview with multiple selections, I need to add it into the Use Defined list. Then with only one photos selected, Irfanview shows up twice in the list; one in userdefines (Above the line), and once in predefined (below the line).


The user defined portion of the function works well. I can add, edit, delete, etc. and it only shows the programs I have added.


My frustration is the window that show up with only one photo selected.

- The duplication of entries.

- I can't remove the entries I do not want.

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There was only user defined list of editors (and viewers) in the previous Daminion version.


Daminion get the pre-defined list from the Windows. If you right click on the same image/file in Daminion and Windows Explorer you can see the same list of the applications. We don't edit them. We just get it as is.


The behavior of hiding this list for multiple selection also is inherited from the Windows Explorer - try to select multiple files in Explorer and you'll see that Open With list will disappears.

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