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Feature request - Handling of "unknown" Media Formats


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I started with the photos first, then the music, videos and PDF. This was 1.5 years ago.

The last time I imported also a lot of other files (TXT, RAR, ZIP, ODF formats from Libre Office, GPX etc.) using the Import Filter. E.g I create a RAR/ZIP archiv when a project, e.g. a photobook, is finished and printed. I don't want to delete the source files for the book but I don't want to have them as single files in the catalog. There are already the original files of these sources.

Daminion handles these "unknown" formats different from the "known" media formats. They are not identified by their extension and so they are all grouped as "unknown" in the Catalog Panel. This is also the reason that there is not an extension dependend thumbnail in the Thumbnail Window.

I understand that the current focus of the development is not on this topic.

What's your opinion? Do I have a chance to get in a "near" future - you can define the meaning nof "near" - a customer enhancement in the customizing to define "settings". E.g. a XML file for customer settings with a template from Daminion that can be modified for the single formats. Going this way Daminion is independent from "unknown" formats and can show the "unknown" formats of today as it does with the "known" one?

In this XML file one can also assign an ICO/JPG etc. image that can be used as a thumbnail in the Thumbnail Window.


Regards, Uwe

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