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[875] Problems with Cities and Locations


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Hey Murat,

I just relaized, that some locations are created as duplicates.post-1019-0-96693100-1377256994_thumb.png


and another thing:


if I have the following Structure


Hong Kong

- Hong Kong

-- Hong Kong City

--- The Peak Galleria

--- Pier 7

--- Kowloon





- Hong Kong

-- Hong Kong City

--- The Peak Galleria

--- Pier 7

--- Kowloon



all do have differnet Pictures. When I want to have the City of Hong Kong under China, and move e.g. all Location tags into the second structure. I will get the following error, even though I told Daminion to replace existing tags:post-1019-0-26488700-1377257550_thumb.png post-1019-0-00135400-1377257562_thumb.png



And I have the Location tag twice have a look.






thanks Murat for your help.





btw. I try to tag all my files within the next months and afterwards I will uninstall setup a new database and add all files again into the fresh database without all the wrong spellings, and keywords, etc. but in order to have clean than I need to have all files properly tagged first and the behavior above makes it hard.


When I'm clicking on "optimize" what will be done, will all offline files be deleted from the database?


When reading tags from Metadata, why can't I close the client, and let it work in the background?

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