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Rescan created duplicates of all files (build 875)


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Don't know if anybody encountered this problem already in 875. I did a search but didn't find any previous threads on this topic. Here is the situation:

I have some new folders for the recent pics. I moved them to the root folder "Vacation", then did a rescan (F6) folder. When it was done, all the photographs were duplicated. I mean exactly double in numbers for example, I have 37 photographs in one folder. In DAM it was showing 74 and two thumbnails for each pic. For now, I have resorted to one of the back up catalog and added new folders manually. Is this function broken?


I don't see any option in Dam standalone to scan a folder for changes only. I assumed rescan will do the same thing.

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Yeah, I guess the problem is, that Daminion is not deleting files from the Database.


I think Daminon should have the feature of finding Duplicates like the Software Anti Twin. Afterwards showing me the duplicates and show me the folders, so I can choose which to delete.


btw. Murat, How to remove the deleted files from the Database, is it enough just to hit "Optimize"?




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