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Daminion 844 and Lightroom 3 or 5


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I currently have a large collection of photos tagged in Daminion. These are .NEF, .CR2, and .JPG formats. I have used the .XMP sidecar files for about half of the NEF files and all of the CR2 files. When I try to import the files into Lightroom (versions 3 or 5). Lightroom imports the tags from the JPG files and the tags from the actual NEF files but it ignores the .xmp sidecar files.


Is there a way to get Lightroom to read the tags in the XMP sidecar files?


Do I have to write the tags to the actual NEF & CR2 files?


Does anyone have any suggestions to get these two programs to play nicely together?



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Upon further examination of the files, I have discovered that Daminion has not stored the keyword and place tags in all of the XMP sidecar files. Daminion has all of the tagging information in it's catalog / display, and indicates that all of the files are synced. However, for half of a small sample, the tags do not exist in either the sidecar files or in the NEF files (Used exiftool). This explains why Lightroom does not see the tags. There is a sidecar file for each NEF file, however half of them appear to be generic shells (No tag info). In another group of the files only a portion of the tagging information was written to file (Place, author are present but rating and colour label are not).


How do I ensure that Daminion writes all of it's tags to the XMP sidecar files? Is there a way to re-sync?


Updated to build 860


I have selected only "Write tags to sidecar files" under preferences for raw files; If I run the menu selection : Item | Actions | Write tags to File, Daminion writes the tags to the sidecar files. I can then get lightroom to "Read metadata from file" to update it's catalog.


Is there any way to quickly identify which of my 10,000 files need to be updated?

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You can see the files that existed in the Syncing queue via Saved Searches > Unsynced. Please note that auto-sync feature doesn't supported if you move a tag to a new parent or rename it. We've discussed about this issue recently in the forum. And this issue should be fixed soon.


Using the "Item > Write tags to File" command will re-sync all your tags with image metadata of selected items.

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Saved Searches > Unsynced indicates zero unsynced files. However, a large number of the .xmp files do not contain the tags they should. I originally tagged these photos several weeks ago, and only vaguely remember there may have been an interruption of some sort while syncing was taking place. I wish I could be more precise. I am currently re-writing all the tags to file, and will keep an eye out for any recurrence of this issue.

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