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Different information details in the Properties Panel


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you get the most detailed information of one item in the chapters of the Properties Panel.

But what happens, when you select two items in the Thumbnail Window? There differences:

The chapter "Description" shows all details of both items if they are equal in both items. Otherwise (e.g. Creation DateTime) the field is grey but not invisible. That's ok for me.

But the other chapter works different:

- Chapter "Generel" is "collapsed" even if Folder, Media Format and Software are equal

- Chapter "Image" is "collaped" except the field DPI even if the Vendor, Camera Model, Camera Lens etc. are equal

- Chapter "System" is "collaped" except Collections and Flag but also the other fields are equal (except Items ID)


I would like to see all information in the Properties Panel if the are equal in the selected items. If there are differences the fields should be grey as it works in the Description.


Regards, Uwe


Update: Even if the Color Label and Rating are equal in both items, they are grey when you select more than one item. Compared to the way of working of the other fields in the chapter Description it's maybe a bug.

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