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Image orientation problems


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I have a number of photos which I processed in Capture NX2 to fix some colour balance issues.


The edited photos that are supposed to be in portrait orientation are shown in Daminion thumbnails, and in full screen view in Landscape orientation. The Image Properties window shows the Proportion as "Vertical". When I originally loaded these images prior to Capture NX2 editing, they displayed correctly.


When I view the edited images in Irfanview, or ViewNX the orientation displays correctly.


If I recall correctly, when I edited the images in Capture NX2 ( on another computer ), I just copied the edited images back over the original files I am using to test Daminion. I don't remember what I did to get the thumbnails to update. I may have deleted the files from the catalogue and re-added them.


When I Right Click on an image, and select "Actions / Rotate", what does Daminion do? Does it write anything to the image file, or is it just a flag in the catalog?


I will send you one of these files.



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Hello Peter,


I tried and I can reproduce this. Here is what I did:


1. I imported a bunch of NEF images into Daminion

2. Opened one of them which is in portrait into CNX2 and adjusted the white balance

3. Deleted that image from Daminion and re-imported it

4. Everything was fine




If I use "update thumbnail" in step 3 instead of deleting and re-importing the image in Daminion is incorrectly shown in landscape.


I did a few more tests and rotated a couple of images in CNX and used:

a. With check-in/-out

b. Delete and re-import

c. Update thumbnail

to update them in Daminion and all of them are displayed correct.


So it seems the problem only occurs if CNX updates the image without modifying the orientation and the thumbnail is updated in Daminion. I could imagion that this problem will be solved once Daminion starts to detect metadata changes.


This thread (https://daminion.net/user-forum/index.php?/topic/11-nikon-nef-format/) holds some more discussion regarding NEF images and image rotation if youre interested.


Regarding your question what rotation inside Daminion does. This is kinda interesting I don't see any changes in Windows explorer nor CNX/VNX but the filedate is updated so Daminion must write something into the files. So I checked:


It seems that Daminion does not make any functional changes to the image but it updates the modification date and also slightly modificates the header with empty lines so the offsets for the image data are different.


Since there is no actual change to the image itself nor to its data I would rather have the modification date not be updated. This seems more correct and also would eliminate the write-access. Since write operations always bear some risk I'd rather have them limited to necessary operations.

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The problem with the wrong image rotation is a know bug: the Update Thumbnail function is not use the Orientation tag (changed by CaptureNX or any other image editing tool). I assume that CaptureNX changes the Orientation tag once you'll apply some adjustments. We'll fix it.


When you rotate an image within Daminion (by Actions > Rotate ...) the program just updates the EXIF Orientation tag for those formats that support writing/updating metadata (JPEG, TIFF, PSD, PNG, NEF, CR2, DNG, etc.) But the actual image content doesn't changed. We rotate the actual image content only during the export.


I am sorry for the delays with answers: I'll back from a short vacation trip soon. At the moment I have a limited access to the Internet.

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