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Problem during import operation


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I'm trying to import a new folder into the database, which has 30.000 pictures already. The new operation will add another 15.000


When importing, it starts normally, the countdown starts and, at a random point, it stops. Don't get a crash, it simply stops the count, as if having a problem with a particular file, and gets there. If I try to cancel operation, nothing happens and control is never returned (program doesn't respond). If I wait, I'll wait forever.


I suspect of .net as the source of this problem, but I couldn't isolate it. Anyway, I guess the first abrut exit from the application generated some problem into the database and that's the origin of next malfunctions.

Can this be true?

Is there any way to refresh database structure? (like compact it)


I'm using windows 8 (x32) and Daminion standallone

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Could you please restart Daminion and check how many files were imported in addition to your previous 30k files?


Please try to do the following:

- Launch Daminion from the command link with -log_enable paparamer

- Press Ctrl + F12 (this show you a folder with program settings)

- Go back to the Daminion and try to import those 15k files again.


Please let me know if the import process will continues. If you'll see an error or the program hangs again please send me the "1.0\Logs" folder from the Settings folders.

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