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Feature request - Graph views


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firstly, I'm sure that someone has another useful idea for using this with simple images.


But I would use this for comics, I mean, if you're still planning to support comics in the future. :)

It would be a great feature if we could create diagram like graphs in the thumbnail view.


The timelines are an important part of comics, there are a lot of crossovers, story arcs, etc., it's not easy to put those series in one list/thumbnail view with all those extra infos. But a graph like this would be very expressive (I created it in yEd Graph Editor):




Of course instead of those ugly yellow and blue squares, with the thumbnails of the covers.


I can't find any program where I could do this with thumbnails and linked files. That's when I think of Daminion, where you accomplished other wild ideas already.


How many percent the chance for this? :)




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Hi mammut,


do you know, that you can substitute the "ugly" symbols by JPG photos in yEd? You have to substitute it in the symbol Properties->Label->Icon Properties->Icon. The default here the button is "No..." but you can use your own photo there. The problem is: I don't know what size does the photo has to have because it works with a small screenshot I made some days ago but not with a larger JPG and I get an internal yEd error when I want to use a TIF file. Maybe you can make very small thumbnails of your photos, use them to substitute the symbol and assign the original photo via the URL link in the symbol properties in yEd.

To include the yEd files into Daminion should work with the Import Filter of the Catalog.


Regards, Uwe


Update: you can define your own Palette (e.g.) in yEd and include there your symbols (thumbnails). There you can define the properties of your photo symbol and substitute it later by the thumbnail.

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Hi Uwe,


thank you for the tip, this thumbnail feature is well hidden in yEd! :o


There are only two little problems:


At the No button in the Icon prop dialog, yEd is collecting all images, if I create a complete timeline, there will be hundreds of images there. I think it's not created for these kind of bigger projects.


I have to extract all covers from the cbr files. What do you think, is there any way to use the thumbnail generated by CBX Shell manager? It doesn't create physical thumb files for that, at least I can't find any in the appdata or the program files folders.




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