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How do I re-synchronize tag data


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I had a directory open in ViewNX. I noticed an error in the place name tags for about 60 of the pictures. When I changed this field using ViewNX with all 60 photos selected, it overwrote all of the other tag information (now blank). Silly me!!


The Daminion catalogue still shows the original tags. The menu selection "Item / Action / Write Metadata to File " is greyed out as is "read". I presume this is the "Future" way to solve this problem.


Is there now a way to re-synchronize the tag data short of deleting the photos from the Catalogue, re-adding the files, and re-assigning the tags?



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If you remove the files from the catalog you'll lose the assigned information (tags). At the moment Daminion writes only the changed information back to files: so if you, for instance, will assign a file to a "dummy" keyword it updates only keywords information...


I suggest you to wait till the next build: we'll try to implement "Write Metadata to File" feature or may be we can create a special build for you.


I'll talk with guys tomorrow. (We are from Russia, so at the moment my clock shows me 23:07 :)

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