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I wonder how I will use Daminion for all my images I have made during 10 last years. (May be 200k images)

I intend to split this in 4 or 5 catalogs. (ordered by my pro periods.)


I guess this will be the best solution in term of access speed in my "old" laptop. (4 or 5 smaller catalogs will be easier to handle than one big/huge catalog)


But what about search feature when looking for a specific file ?

By now (Build 776), you can only search in one catalog at a time, even if several catalogs are opened.


Is there a way to have a "general" search on all opened catalog in Daminion or even better a search on 'declared' (closed) catalogs in a list ?


Well, does anyone has some ideas on how to proceed.



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As you noticed Daminion can search only within a single catalog only.


I can suggest you two approaches:


1. Use Daminion Server to manage all your photos. Import and Search options work faster in the server edition. And you'll use the single catalog for all your digital content that can be accessed by single search(filter) function.


2. Separate your catalogs by keeping the search/filter functions in mind. It rarely might be required to look for private and work images within the same query.


I recommend you to create a new catalog file within the same folder where all the importing images are located. This allows you to easily move the single folder with a catalog file, thumbs cache, versions and images to a new location.


And thus if your files that you plan to catalog by Daminion are stored in 4 folders, for example:

d:\private photos

d:\work photos

d:\books and PDF specifications




You can create 4 separate catalogs for each folders above.


We don't plan to add an option to search through multiple catalogs in our plans for this year. But it might be possible in the future.

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