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BUG Related to Adding Files


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I just installed Build 772, Server and Client, and now I can't add files properly. I have a Folder on my Windows 7 OS that contains 661 jpeg files. 612 of these files were previous added to my Daminion catalog under Build 764. The first thing I did with Build 772 was: menu "Files-->Add Files" and tried to add the 49 extra files. I wound up with 1,049 files in the Daminion catalog associated with this folder. The 49 new files are only listed once on the second page of the 1,000 file groupings. The first page grouping of 1,000 files contains repeats of the 661 files that were already in the catalog. I've attached the relevant server and client logs.


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Mardon, does it possible to send us your database dump? (By ftp or via wetransfer server)

I'm not sure what you mean by "database dump". I'm guessing that you want a copy of my database backup. I put that in my folder on your FTP server. If that is not what you want, then let me know more details.


I also need to mention that last night before I got your request for the database dump I stepped back to build 770. I ran that and did not encounter the problem with adding files that I encountered with build 772. But this also means that my database backup reflects the changes I made with build 770, so the problems I had with 772 will probably not be there.


Regards, Mardon

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Could you please tell me the name (path) of this folder?


BTW, the logs you published here are the client logs, although they named as server ones.

I'm sorry about my mistake in sending the Client log files instead of the Sever log files. I know better. I guess that I just got mixed up.


The path was: Z:\Photography\Old Family Pictures\Prints Scanned 2013


I couldn't send the correct server logs today because the data for that incident was too far back and no longer in the logs. Because of this, I installed build 776 today to see if the problem would reappear. It has not. I added some files just as I did before and everything worked fine. I'll let you know if the problem appears again.



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