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Request for a new film strip mode


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I have problems dealing with the map-window. It might be good for people with two monitors were they can drag the map onto the second screen so it doesn't bother them anymore. But for me with just one monitor it´s a bit difficult to find a right place for this window. In most cases, I find myself always dragging the window back and forth because it´s either covering some thumbs or it´s hiding some parts of the side panels. If I fit that map into the side-panel, then it is just too small to work with.


How about if you could integrate that map into a new view-setting like the existing filmstrip. But instead of the preview area of an image, place that map window into it. Please take a look at the screenshot to see how I mean that.


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Yes dealing with map window position is not easy with one screen.

I have found one display configuration which is not too far from which you request.



I think I will stay with mine even if a Film Strip Map display is available.


Why ?


Because, Film Strip Map will be too 'light' in term of request, manipulation, and so on. (Not enough display possibilities.)

End edit


I hope this will help you or give you some ideas.



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Bonjour Alain,


thanks for your suggestion but I'm not sure if I can interpret your screenshot correctly.

Did you re-sized the main window to the top and placed the map beneath that?

If so, then you will loose the side panels. What is then the benefit? Bigger map window?


My request is anyway not intended to replace the existing window positioning possibilities. It can be an addition to that.

Sort of user choice either fixed in the filmstrip or free positioning window.

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